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Against all the potential hazards of Covid-19, Get Ozone Sterilization!

The impact of Ozone technology, whic has been proven to be highly effective against the ever increasing hazards of viruses like SARS and MERS. Ozone’s efficient protection is, also, very high against Covid-19 virus; that is from the same family with SARS.

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Coverless & Mobile Cooking Station

Borasco Mobile Cooking Station, is a patented device that effectively enables cooking in all available areas without any need for additional covering systems

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    • Touch Control Screen

    • Filtering System Cabinet

    • Fan and Control Panel

    • Optional Cooking Equipment

    • Stainless Steel Construction

Perfect Sterilization with UV-C Equipments

Borasco UV-C Sterilization devices allow for efficient cleansing of all types of terrain with their highly mobile usage availability.

    • UV-C Air Purification Unit

    • Mobile Sterilization Device

    • UV Sterilization Cabinet

    • UV Disinfection Wall Mounted

Highly Effective Sterilization Bathtubs for Vegetable & Fruit Products

With the ever present aid from Borasco Sterilization and Disinfection Tubs, up to a total of 99.9% Sterilization of vegetable and fruit-based products can be achieved.


Achieve Space Age with ACTIVEPURE®

Successfully eliminate more than 99.9 % of infectious airborne viruses! As well all know these variants that cause numerous ailments such as Covid-19 and SARS, this is possible in a short amount of time as 3 minutes! This type of active sterilization is enabled thanks to ActivePlus Technology. The advanced technology present in ActviePlus is also promoted through Space Technology Hall of Fame program! This program is also a part of the ActivePlus Space Foundation Program.

Active Pure

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Our references
Our references

Borasco opened to the world with the Hoodless Cooking Unit...

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  • September 24, 2021

Ozone neutralizes the corona virus in indoor environments

Researchers from Fujita Health University in Japan announced that they have proven that ozone gas at concentrations of 0.05 to 0.1 ppm, which is ...

The stove of a business man from Bodrum without a hood is taking the world by storm

The furnace without hood, produced by the businessman Emre Köroğlu from Bodrum, is taking a storm in 70 countries. International tourism fair held ...

The favorite of the fair was the cooking system without hood

At the Bodrum Touristic Business Equipment and Food Fair, which was held for the first time this year in the Bodrum District of MUĞLA, the most ...

Young Entrepreneur Emre Köroğlu ...

Two young entrepreneurs Emre and Berdan Köroğlu shed light on the future with their exemplary works?We Exported Smokeless Airspace from Bodrum to ...

Award to Companies Contributing to the Sector from TUSID

The Association of Industrial Kitchen, Laundry, Service and Catering Equipment Industrialists and Businessmen (TUSID) awarded companies that ...

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